📖 How to use Kernels for travel planning

Make the most of your time on vacation, relaxing and not planning, using Kernels as a central repository to collect essential information about your trip. This critical information can include notes, links, and to-do lists about hotel reservations, airport parking, and things to do at the Destination.

Planning your vacation helps you make the most of your time on vacation.

Step One: You need a Kernels Account.

Chances are you already have a Kernels account, and perhaps you are an avid user and follow us on Twitter.

Create a Tag System

After signing into Kernels, the first thing you should do is create a Tag structure. Tags make it easier to find with searches or associate it with other notes you'll write.

This tag structure will help you find your notes instantly -even if you have thousands. And you can create a detailed organization with parent/child notes.

Example Tag System

Parent Tag

  • Destination

Child tag

  • Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Flights
  • Parking
  • Activities

Parent/child examples

  • San Diego
  • San Diego/Hotel
  • San Diego/Restaurants
  • San Diego/Flights

If you search parent tags with child tags (i.e., San Diego), all notes from San Diego (Destination) will appear.

How to Search Tags in Kernels

Once you have a lot of travel notes, you'll want to use the search features.

Search by tags: If you want to see all your notes with a given tag, click the Tags button in the bottom navigation menu. You can click Tag to see all your tags and the associated notes in the child tags.

Search field: Click into the Search field in the top search bar. Type travel; a column will appear under your search term, and you should see your note.

As you dig more into Kernels, you'll start to use its more advanced features. Here are some examples:

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