Capture your best ideas and keep them forever.

Save, organize, and sync your articles, screenshots, lists, and sketches across devices using Kernels.

Make Kernels your central hub for productivity.

Connect it with your favorite apps and effortlessly save inspiration from Safari, Chrome, Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Share your Kernels with anyone, anywhere.

Collaborate and spread your ideas beyond the Kernels ecosystem. Whether business concepts or grocery lists, easily share notes with friends through text messages and popular apps like Slack, Twitter, and Gmail.

Capture and save screenshots with Kernels.  

Now you can share screenshots from your mobile device directly to Kernels for easy access and organization.

Unlock the full potential of your devices with Kernels.

Experience convenient features like voice-to-text dictation, instant translation, text extraction from photos, and much more. Make the most of these powerful capabilities to enhance your productivity and streamline your note-taking experience.

Organize content by tags.

Efficiently organize and retrieve your information with Kernels' versatile tagging system. Add primary and secondary tags to your notes and links, creating unlimited combinations for easy categorization and quick access. Stay organized effortlessly and find the exact information you need in no time.

Continuous timeline.

Track the evolution of your notes with Kernels. Save and observe how they transform, trace their origins, and track when they entered your thoughts. Witness the journey of your ideas and gain valuable insights into their development and source.


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