Turn small ideas into big wins.

With Kernels, you can get innovation rolling by focusing on a series of small ideas that have measurable impact over time.

The power of starting small.

Capture a quick thought, save screenshots and articles to read later, create lists, sketch ideas, and keep your notes updated across all devices. Allowing you to capture your best ideas before they escape your busy mind.

Connect Kernels with your world.

Use Kernels with the apps you already use and make it your central, organized hub for getting things done. Save your inspiration whenever you want by clicking the Share button and choosing ‘Add to Kernels’ with platforms, including Safari, Chrome, Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Share and collaborate.

Every note in Kernels can be shared with anyone, even outside of Kernels. Share your notes with friends, through text messages and other apps like Slack, Twitter, and Gmail, from business ideas to grocery lists.

Use your devices features.

Kernels let you use your devices' features like voice-to-text dictation, translation, copy text in photos, and more.

Organize content by tags

Add your notes and links to primary and secondary tags to efficiently find and organize your information with unlimited combinations.

Continuous timeline

Save your notes over time and see how they change, where they came from and when they came to you.


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