The Kernels app saves text-based notes, lists, blog posts, and links from any website in any language. To help users quickly answer questions like, "What did this person tell me? "What am I working on?" and "Where did I read that article?"

You can use the Kernels app every day, week, or year(s) to cross things out, read, write, plan, organize, follow a conversation, do mental math, or follow multi-step directions.

We think of thousands of thoughts every day, and the job of the Kernels note-taking app is to help make the most of them, even when our squishy gray matter can't. So feel free to create as many notes and save as many links as possible because your Kernels account will not run out of space.

Continuous Timeline

Save your notes over time and see how they change, where they came from and when they came to you.

Once you save a kernel, you can edit it, giving it a title, informative notes, and tags. Tags are one-word descriptors that you can add to help remember and organize your information.

Other benefits of Kernels


Save any and every note, link, or list you want.

Continuous Editing

Once you save a kernel, you can edit it, giving it a title, informative notes, and tags.


Add your notes and links to primary and secondary tags so you can efficiently find and organize your information.


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Quickly find any and everything with a few simple taps.

The immediate benefit of Kernels is that you no longer need to use multiple tools to keep track of ideas, web pages, and inspiration. If you're at work and need to bring up a link you found at home the day before, you can find it if you save it on Kernels.

Inspiration happens when you least expect it—never lose your ideas again.

Start your first Kernel

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